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3 Excellent Jurassic World: The Game Cheats for Every Player

Published: 2015-07-15 15:15:18 | Clicks:51 | Author:


Today we will recommend a new hot mobile strategy game-Jurassic World: The Game, which is adapted from the same title of film. It’s very exciting and funny! And now you can get this good game free download at appgamenews.com, as well as here are some Jurassic World: The Game cheats for you.
1.Make sure your food production buildings are constantly working!
Without food, your dinosaurs can’t grow up big and strong. Food is necessary for leveling them up, which in turn is vital for helping them perform well in the arena. Always make sure your food buildings are producing the good stuff.
2.Build structures to generate more money!
Even parks populated by awesome dinosaurs need coffee stands. Don’t forget to build supplemental structures like food buildings and security booths for extra income (and they make your park look prettier).
3.You can switch dinosaurs in the midst of a fight! 
It costs a battle point, but you can switch out dinosaurs during a fight by tapping on their portraits (look at the upper left-hand side of the screen). Swapping is vital for exploiting opponents’ weak points.
We will continue to offer more Jurassic World: The Game tips for you. Please keep concern on our site, there are also latest mobile game news updated for you every day.