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Unique Adventures Await You in Park of Monster

Published: 2019-02-28 15:53:37 | Clicks:39 | Author:

Park of Monster is probably the best puzzle game out there, it's cool design and battles make for a lot of fun. Many people play the game alone - in bed, on the train, wherever they can! But lots of others are starting to enjoy Park of Monster as a social game, finding the league battles as a really interesting concept. It's all about having fun, but these gamers are taking no prisoners. Because at the end of the day, the ancient world is depending on them.
This game is about "merging" and "purify the pollution". The main goal of players in this game is to get strong monsters by "merging", and to control them to clean the pollution of the world. However, this is not a game which will make you bored after playing a time. Park of Monster will always offer you different surprises juts like these features it provides you.    
1.Merge low-level items to high-level items, gradually evolved till they become the world "miracle".
2.Over hundreds variety of items to collect, this game is the best for collectors.
3.The output and growth of various items are closely related, the interesting merge process is full of expectation and surprise.
4.Ancient monsters are vary in appearances. There is the cute Licker, but also fierce Twin Head Dragon.
5.It's fun to play Park of Monster like a collection stand-alone game. However, it will be more interesting to join other players to make your own league and attack others for more resources. Send your monsters to fight and enjoy! 
Relax, play, and discover hundreds of ancient collectables as you explore and purify the ruins of the land. Your monsters differ in appearances, characteristics and attributes - form attack teams with them to roar into battle and take your enemies' crowns. So why not join this fantastic world and explore a different journey?