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The Strategy Guide of Cooking Fever

Published: 2014-10-16 16:04:17 | Clicks:137 | Author:


Cooking Fever is a new cooking and time management game for the iPhone and iPad.it's easy to pick up and yet blindingly difficult after the first 10 levels, and this game could very well take over hours of your life at a time. And you won't regret a moment.
Below are walkthrough hints and guides you can consider in playing Cooking Fever. 
1 Start working for upgrades that will let you cook more food at once. This is very useful especially when you are dealing with timed quest. From here, you can upgrade your tables and grills so it will allows you to cook more and serve more food at once. 
2. Grind from previous stages. The good thing in this kind of game is that you are always able to go back from previous stages to play and grind additional coins so you can upgrade and unlock more game feature. This is also a good way to consider earning additional stars or if you are looking forward to acquire experience points to level up. 
3. Upgrade your interior content too. Actually in playing this kind of game, in general upgrades will bring boost to you but the question since you have a very limited resources, you need to ask yourself what upgrade should I work first.
4. Unorthodox strategy. In playing Cooking Fever or any cooking base and time management game, your primary goal is to satisfy your customer. But actually there is a different way to play this game and this is only if you don’t mind your customer’s satisfaction.