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Park of Monster: Merge, Solve and Grow

Published: 2019-03-07 15:22:55 | Clicks:11 | Author:

Park of Monster is a game that is full of things which will lead you to elevate the level of your power. Initially, as a player, you have to gather the ‘Sacred Balls’ and with its holy power all the other items will be awakened, helping the player in one or the other way to purify the land. While playing, be ready to save the Ancient Tribe from the Black Magic. As the Sacred Ball awakens the items, there are many other items such as plants, monsters, various buildings, coins, and ores awaits you in this cool game.

The game ensures that you are collecting the items and unlike other war games, the game assures that the savior utilizes the items in a way where the player can merge low-level items that the player has collected to the high and improved level items however the items have to be three in number and should be of similar kind, for instance, if your monster has three lower-level plants, the monster can combine it to one but ameliorated plant that will aid in cleaning the impurity. Power of Monster promises over hundreds of items to collect, merge monsters, upgrade and eventually become the best collector in the game. And by collecting and merging the items you can level up, making the game be a puzzle game as well as your pet game.
The diversity in the Ancient monsters also observed as one of the attractions other than collecting the items, merging them to one strong item and becoming undefeatable. The two ancient monsters which are quite popular for the appearance and exquisiteness are the cute Licker and the fierce Twin Head Dragon. The Twin Head dragon is capable of double damaging because of its two heads. The dragon seems to be intelligent and utilizes double power to destroy the enemy fiercely, it exhibits the quality of the name it has been given. While Licker is as cute as it has been called out, it is green in color and has a red tongue and a red tail, one protruded eye. 
The collection and merging of items will lead to a higher level introducing more items to be collected, more item to be merged to upgrade the item and helping in progressing to the higher level full of a lot more mysteries and strategies to be a pro player of the game, resulting in not only excited to see transforming your dragon to a tougher dragon. Each level has its own surprises to be curtained-off and with every one level-up, the player has to be more strategical to win over the dark magic, heal the land and make the misty land a place of purity by unlocking the high-level monsters.

Beside gathering items, merging monsters, offending the opponents and defending the land from other dragons, the Park of Monster is full of puzzles to be solved with strategy. It can also be put in the category of fighting game or simulator games. The game is definitely a thumbs-up, to understand the game in detail, download it and be a dragon to lighten up the world by annihilating the dark magic by merging the items and strengthening the powers, forming a league, defeating the opponents and unlocking the upper levels to discover the new and more items. The free game is enticing everyone, even the adults and can be categorized as free games for adults and it can be said that once you start playing it as a casual game but you will definitely take interest in leveling-up and escalating your power.