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PS4 Players Can Enjoy Minecraft R10 Update Now!

Published: 2019-04-22 15:15:53 | Clicks:25 | Author:

Minecraft R10 update is finally available on PS4. New update will always bring us some special features and make this game more playable. There is no doubt that R10 update will bring us surprising new content as well. It's time to check these new features out now! 
New Weapon – The Crossbow
It comes with three new enchantments too, yet the crossbow isn't the true star of this new update. That'll be the lantern, which is sure to light up your life! We've also added the loom and the lectern, items that will no doubt loom up your life and lectern up your life, respectively. Give them a try!
New Item – Shields
It's an iron ingot and six wooden planks away from being able to defend yourself against all sorts of hostile mobs (and other players, too). Shields will also help defend you from the new hostile mob, Pillagers. Defence won't actually be necessary just yet, because Pillagers are only coming to Creative Mode in this update. But what about in a later update? Let's just say you might want to start practising crafting and using that shield now.
There are more small changes await you in game. Why not enjoy the fun now? If you want to learn more mobile game news, stay tuned on Appgamenews.com!