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Marvel Contest of Champions V22.1 Details Review

Published: 2019-04-15 18:09:17 | Clicks:32 | Author:

It's definitely thrilling for Contest of Champions fans since the new update got released a few days ago. Although you may have experienced these new contents, you may not clear about them. Today, let's have a review about all these highlights you need to know.

The Living Death Who Walks
Thing reveals the goals of the Fantastic Four: Building a beacon that could potentially break the Champions out of The Battlerealm! Unfortunately, it was divided into parts amongst the Fantastic Four, and they have all been lost for some time. Using his knowledge of the Negative Zone, Thing begrudgingly takes his allies into the dangerous region, knowing it will be the place to find Johnny Storm, the Human Torch. With Johnny's powers going haywire and alighting the Negative Zone in uncontrolled flame, they must contend with Annihilus–and the strained relationship between Johnny and Ben.

Flame On
The Human Torch has a new type of ability that he can activate before entering the fight to completely turn the tables on the Opponent.

Bounties In The Negative Zone
Activate Bounties so that your entire Alliance can travel to the Negative Zone and face off against dangerous challenges to obtain valuable resources!

Mystery In The Micro-Realms
Return to a classic Quest from the early days of The Contest with this second edition of BACK ISSUES! Much like the re-release of ULTRON'S ASSAULT, this Quest will feature both CLASSIC and VARIANT difficulties. Choose Classic to experience the Quest as it was in 2015, and Variant to face off against highly challenging fights demanding specific Champions and strategic counters!

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