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Game of War - Fire Age: New Trailer With Kate Upton!

Published: 2014-12-17 13:09:10 | Clicks:38 | Author:

Kate Upton’s busty figure takes center stage for the latest ad for the model’s first video game appearance, “Game of War: Fire Age.” Meanwhile, a certain redheaded celebrity cops to perming her hair for an Annie-like look during her childhood. For more videos or mobile strategy games, click our website please!
The Game of War commercial has appeared most during college football games and ESPN’s news show SportsCenter, but Machine Zone has spent the most to get the commercial on during NFL games. Of the $4.5 million spent so far, $2 million of that is just for ads during pro football. Another $500,000 is for college football.
Generally speaking, Kate Upton TV ad for Game of War targets manly man shows for men. Also, free mobile game download is available here.