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Enjoy DragonSoul RPG with Good Game Cheats

Published: 2015-09-28 18:03:04 | Clicks:125 | Author:

DragonSoul RPG, a very nice epic fantasy role-playing game! Brawl with dragons and mighty monsters in fast and furious battles. Now try to play and here are some some DragonSoul cheats and tips help you you a bit in your quest to get more stuff and beat all stages with.
1. Use the special powers wisely
The only thing that you control directly in this game is the moment when you use the heroes’ super powers in battle: and that does matter a lot. Usually, it’s best to go with all of them ready to be used in the final stage of a battle, because that’s actually the most difficult one to beat.
In other words, don’t use your special skills late in the second stage but do use any skills that you have completely powered-up in the early moments of the stage to get the extra advantage and you will most likely have them all recharged and ready to be fired-up in the final, most difficult stage. The exception here is the healer whose special healing skill should be used as soon as it is available.
2. Level up your heroes
Your heroes automatically gain experience when completing a stage in the game, but you can also boost them up a bit by spending your XP potions on them. Try to always keep 5-6 of them on you for when you unlock new heroes (You can check out your progress on them in the heroes menu) but apart from that, don’t hesitate to use any extra ones that you have to give your heroes a boost and make them stronger.
3. Focus on promoting your heroes
When you battle, you get various equipment items during the fight and you can use those items to equip your heroes or craft items that can be equipped. Promoted heroes gain an extra boost in stats and they can equip new items (then get promoted again). Focus on promoting your heroes one at a time, starting with your top ones. However, any extra equipment that you have should be equipped to other heroes in order to get the boosts.
If you don’t know how to play this game, check our site for DragonSoul RPG gameplay video. We make sure you will love this game! And more good latest mobile strategy games are provided on our site. Come here and enjoy a good game time!