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COC April 1st Update Details Revealed- Appgamenews.com

Published: 2019-04-01 12:02:10 | Clicks:12 | Author:

Clash of Clans announced that they are going to make a new update in April 1st. Before you get update ans begin a new journey. Perhaps it's a good choice to know what will this new update bring us. 
In this update there are 2 updates are very important for all players:  
- The new Clan War Leagues season starts one day after and they surely want to bring the new 30v30 CWL sizes in
- Each seasonal challenge lasts for one month, beginning on the first of every month.
So you will unlock challenges with normal things you do while playing the game (good) and earn exta loot on that way (also good). Now if you get the season pass to unlock the Gold Tier, you will get a lot more extra loot, magical items, faster upgrading and ultimately a new hero skin at the end when you unlock it.
With the April Update Supercell will lower the upgrade costs in resources and times for a lot of troops and buildings. There will also be the option to go to the monthly Clan War League with a 30v30 roaster in addition to the 15vs15 (but only below Champions League). This will give the larger clans the chance to have more members actively participating in the Clan War Leagues but along there will be some changes to how the medals are calculated.
Basically these are the details you must know about new update. And we'd be very glad to share more information about COC for you. Please stay tuned on our site for more!